The Complete Turkish Towels Washing Guide

Turkish Towels Washing Guide

When it comes to washing towels, everyone has their own routine; some may wash it after one use while others may not throw it in the washing machine until it stops smelling fresh.  There’s also the logic that when you use a towel, you are already clean; so why put it in the laundry frequently? In fact, most of us use a towel for a minimum of five times before finally giving it for a wash.

The same logic applies to any kind of towel, even Turkish towels.

How Often Should You Wash Your Turkish Towel?

Bath towels and even Turkish beach towels are breeding grounds for a lot of germs. And this is not good for your hygiene. First up, after every use, you usually hang your towel to dry. And it remains damp for hours at a stretch. Hence, it lends the ideal environment for bacteria and other harmful bacteria to thrive.

If you did not know already, your body has 19 million skin cells and 650 sweat glands in every inch. And your bath towel does that vital job of keeping your body clean. Additionally, there are innumerable dead cells on the upper layers of your skin which accumulate in your towel when you use it to wipe yourself.

Furthermore, damp places not only host bacteria but also mould, yeast, and viruses. Hence, even between your wash schedules, you should never throw your towel on the bed or floor. Worse still, you should not fold it and stow it away in a lump. Hang them, unfolded, in the sun or on your rack for drying.

Now, let’s come to the frequency of washing towels.

According to the American Cleaning Institute, you should hang your towels to dry between washing after every use. Normal users should wash their towels after a maximum of three to four uses. If you play sports or are a gym-goer, you should put them in the laundry every day. Medical professionals advise washing bath towels after every two to three times of usage.

Again, under certain conditions, you might need to increase the number of times you wash your towel. When your towel gathers body fluids, is kept in the bathroom, or is used by someone who suffers from eczema or sensitive skin, then you need to launder it after every single use. In any case, frequently washing your towel and following a regular air-drying schedule will protect you from harmful bacteria and fungi.

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