Incredible Fun Facts About The History Of Versatile Turkish Towels

Fun Facts About Turkish Towels

Turkish towels might have become a recent fad, but one can trace its history way back to the 18th century. Thin, lightweight, and extremely versatile, Turkish beach towels are super absorbent and available in a bevy of styles. Unlike regular towels that become stiff and scratchy over time, Turkish towels remain soft throughout their life cycle. But did you know that there are several fun facts associated with peshtemals? We’ve listed a few for you:

Turkish Towels Are an Important Part of the Turkish Social Life

When the Turkish towel was first invented, it was meant to serve a significant function in the Turkish culture. Brides used to have their ceremonial bath before their wedding and dry themselves with this piece of cotton or linen cloth. They preserved the towel and used it for other special occasions in life.

Hamams and the Turkish Towel

Turkish towels were also used in hamams. People owned a complete set of towels – including separate pieces for the shoulder, hips, and head. Since the Turkish bath was, and still is, an elaborate process, this segmentation was necessary.

Evolution of the Turkish Towel with the Arrival of the Ottomans

Turkish towels might have continued to be used as any other ordinary piece of bath accessory had it not been for the Ottomans. They introduced fancy designs and delicate patterns to the fabric and made it a part of their royal style statement. The Ottomans were experts in carpet weaving and used these skills in weaving various intricate patterns in the towels. They added an extra-warp loop pile in addition to the already existing warp and weft. Hence, the new towels displayed piles or loops of thread above the base cloth.

Turkish Towels Today

The Turkish towels we find today in markets can be traced back to the 18th century in contemporary Bursa. Weavers created different innovative styles and started including them in their towels. Previously called ‘havly’, these towels are now known as ‘havlu’ in Turkey. Moreover, since these towels are hand woven, they make a perfect gift for weddings and anniversaries.

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