4 Ways To Use Turkish Towels

Ways To Use Turkish Towels

If you’ve read about Turkish towels and wondered what the hype is all about, this article is for you. The towels have been around since the 7th century and are very popularly used in Turkish bathhouses or hammams. Today, they’re not only used as bath towels but are versatile as well. Here are a few nonconventional uses for Turkish towels:

 1. They Can Be Used As Beach Towels:

Beach towels must be neither too thick nor thin and shouldn’t take up too much space in your bag. Similarly, they must be neither too small nor too big – beach towels that are too small don’t serve their purpose, while the larger ones are difficult to pack. And most importantly, they must be comfortable and not rough or itchy. A Turkish towel ticks all of these boxes and more.

2. They Double Up As A Sarong Or Scarf:

Grab the two top corners of a Turkish towel, cross them around the neck and tie the two corners behind your neck. And if you want to wear it as a wrap, grab the two corners on the top, pull them forward, and cross over the chest. You can also twitch each end tightly before tucking it in for better grip.

You can use these towels as a skirt by grabbing the top corners and tying the ends together one time and pulling one corner to drape it over the knot. Did we tell you, Turkish towels can also be used to swaddle a baby?

 3.They Can Be Used As A Gym Towel:

Gym towels must be absorbent and dry quickly. They must be easy to pack and carry on your gym back. Turkish towels become softer with each use and dry quickly. And most importantly, they’re lightweight and can be rolled up to a compact size easily.

4. They Can Be Used For Home Décor:

Turkish towels can be used as an accent piece on your patio or the dining table. If a room has a monochromic décor, adding a colourful Turkish towel is sure to be eye-grabbing.

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