4 Things You Mustn’t Forget To Pack For Beach Day

Pack For Beach Day

If you’re planning to spend time at the beach during the weekend, we’ve presented a list of essentials you must carry.

 1. Swimsuits, Slippers, And Sunglasses:

These three are the most essential things you must carry to the beach. Choose a swimsuit that’s comfortable and makes you feel confident. While stylist sunglasses make you look fashionable, don’t forget they serve an important purpose – look for glasses that offer 100% protection from UVB and UBA rays. Remember to carry a beach cover-up, a hat, and a water bottle to protect against the sun, especially if you’re planning to spend considerable time underwater. You must also carry an extra change of clothes and underwear.

 2. Other Essentials:

Don’t forget to carry a beach mat, a bag to carry your wet clothes, a dry bag for belongings, an umbrella, some snacks, essential toiletries like comb and hair ties, and antibacterial wipes or hand sanitisers if you’re planning to shower. And to create lasting memories, carry a waterproof GoPro camera, or at least an underwater camera.

 3.  Beach Towels:

Rather than buying cheap beach towels, I suggest purchasing Turkish towels from Loopys. Loopys Turkish towels are versatile; they can be wrapped as a sarong or scarf or even styled as a tote to carry your belongings. They are super light, absorbent, big in size, and sure to last for a long time. And if you’re buying from us, we promise good quality Turkish towels made using 100% organic Turkish cotton.

Unlike regular cheap beach towels, it’s easy to shake off the sand from Turkish towels. And since they dry quickly, you don’t have to worry about carrying a wet and heavy towel back from the beach. Loopys Turkish towels are free from synthetic dyes and other chemicals, making them skin-friendly and ideal for children.

 4.  Snacks and Food:

Remember to pack plenty of water and a few snacks if you’re planning to dive into the sea and don’t want to waste time ordering food. Pretzels, frozen grapes, popcorn, protein bars, cheese sticks, chips, etc., are perfect for keeping you energised all day.

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