Everything You Need To Know About Buying Towels

Need To Know About Buying Towels

The only time people pay attention to towels is when they need to be replaced, but they could use more thought – especially when buying a new one. So how do you decide which one to buy and where to buy it. This towel buying guide offers the perfect tips to help you choose the right towels:

 1.  Cotton, Linen Or Microfibre:

Cotton is the most common preferred material for towels. And rightly so. Cotton is natural, breathable, and has high absorbency. Organic cotton is skin-friendly and does not irritate the skin. But not all cotton towels are made equal – look for 100% organic Turkish cotton.

Linen is natural, eco-friendly, and highly absorbent, but very expensive. Besides, it’s not easy to source good quality real linen towels because real linen is very soft and durable – and hence expensive. Bamboo is another eco-friendly material that’s soft and silky but expensive. Terry towels can be made of 100% cotton or could be a blend of different materials.

Microfibre towels are made by blending polyesters and polyamide. Although they are compact and lightweight, microfibre towels must be washed separately since they attract static electricity and attract lint and hair if not washed.

2. Check Their Weaving Technique:

Terry is a special weaving technique – the weave has a flat base with a pile on both sides, i.e., the tufts of thread that stand perpendicular to the base. However, they become stiff, scratchy, and not very absorbent over time. Turkish towels are unique because of their weaving technique – the extra-warp loop pile in their twill weave translates to longer loops, making them highly absorbent and durable.

3.  Consider The Weight:

Towels are weighed in terms of GSM or Gram per Square Metre. While lighter towels weigh between 300 and 400 GSMs, standard towels weigh between 400 and 600GSMs. High-quality towels weigh more than 600 GSM. The higher the GSM count, the more absorbent they become. Lower GSM towels are thinner and don’t absorb as much. Turkish towels range from 400 to 900 GSM and are highly absorbent.

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