3 Things To Remember When Shopping For Towels

how to choose good towel

A good towel is more often than not, the key to good health. It not only helps us get rid of dust and grime, but also manage allergies! But not many people how to pick one. How does gram count affect quality? What is the difference between Egyptian cotton and Turkish cotton? Why do people buy Turkish towels? At Loopys, we’ve listed a few points to help you choose a goodl towel:

Choose Cotton:

Always go for 100% cotton when buying towels. For one, cotton is a natural product – organic cotton is free of chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful ingredients. Also, cotton is a breathable fabric. The natural fibres allow air to pass through, making them absorbent and easy to dry. Unlike synthetic fibre, cotton absorbs more water, but does not irritate the skin. Cotton towels don’t feel itchy and hence considered hypoallergenic.

Not All Cotton Towels Are Make Alike:

Premium quality cotton like Egyptian and Turkish cotton have long fibres, making them soft and durable. Also, towels made using Turkish cotton have a denser loop, allowing them to absorb more water and yet retaining that luxurious feel.  No wonder, traditional Turkish towels are always made using Turkish cotton. Originally, these were intended to be used in hammams because of these qualities. Today, they’re popularly used in spas and hotels because of their durability and luxurious feel. Another advantage of using Turkish towels is that they become softer over use – the longer they’re used, the softer they become.

Check For Jargons:

Manufacturers often tend to confuse average buyers by using lingo that’s difficult to understand. For instance, how many towel buyers know the difference between high twist and low twist cotton? Look for ring spun cotton because the loops in these towels are strong yet smooth. Some towels are marked as made using combed cotton – this means that the cotton was brushed to get rid of the short fibres, making the towel long and strong.

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