Why Are Turkish Towels Superior To Regular Towels?

why Turkish Towels Superior

Turkey is a popular tourist destination that is home to so many beautiful places. When your friends or relatives visit Turkey, they are likely to bring a Turkish towel, also known as Pestemal towel, as a souvenir. Handmade by artisans using organic cotton, the origin of Turkish towels dates back to the 7th century. From being part of a great tradition in Turkey, it has now attained global recognition for its high quality and craftsmanship. Why do people prefer Turkish towels? Why are they superior to regular towels? We’ve listed a few reasons that will help you understand their features.

Turkish Towels Are Chemical-Free

Turkish towels have a higher absorbing capacity than traditional towels. The secret to absorbency lies in the supreme Turkish cotton that is free from harsh chemicals and harmful ingredients. Some of the regular towels are made of synthetic fibre that can irritate your skin. On the other hand, the organic cotton fibres in Turkish towels make them soft and superlight, giving you a delightful effect on your skin with superior absorbency.

Eco-Friendly In Every Way

Loopys offers 100% organic cotton towels. This means that the farming process should meet all organic farming requirements, prohibiting the use of hazardous fertilisers and pesticides. By incorporating organic farming methods, the land is protected from toxins, pests are managed in a natural way and soil health is improved. As the production of regular towels may not follow all these standards, they are unlikely to be environmental-friendly.

Drying Is Easy

Due to their exceptional absorbent quality, Turkish towels are easy to dry. Even if you dry them in your apartment, they will be ready for use within a few hours. But the regular towels may smell bad and look damp if they are not exposed to the hot sun.

Washing Your Towel

The regular towels lose their sheen after a few washes. But this is not the case with Turkish towels. The more often you wash them, the softer the cotton fibre becomes and looks brand new all the time.


The versatile Turkish towels are generally lengthier in size, measuring 180cm x 100cm. Due to their length, they can be used as a bath towel, beach towel, blanket, decoration, table covering, gym towel, etc. It’s so easy to pack and carry them as they are thin and occupy less space.

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