What Is a Turkish Towel and Why Do You Need One?

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Turkish woven towels are taking the world by storm, and for good reason. They’re soft, durable, beautiful, and versatile. These gorgeous towels, which are similar to blankets but more practical and absorbent, are also known as fouta, hammam, and peshtemal towels.

So What Exactly Is a Turkish Towel?

Turkish towels are finely woven, highly-absorbent towels made from premium Turkish cotton. They’re remarkably lightweight compared to traditional Western towels and often feature far more intricate designs.

Turkey has long been known for its high-quality cotton products and Turkish craftspeople have put this resource to work creating towels that outstrip traditional Western beach towels in almost every possible way.

What Makes Turkish Towels So Much Better?

Turkish beach towels aren’t just more aesthetically pleasing. They’re also more compact, which makes them perfect for packing quickly for a day at the beach. They absorb much more water than regular towels.

Yet, despite absorbing so much water, they also dry more quickly, which means that you don’t need to take multiple towels if you plan to splash in the sun more than once.

They’re also incredibly versatile. Turkish towels in Australia aren’t just used to dry off. Their varied designs and incredible range of colours and styles make them ideal as sarongs and scarves.

Are These Towels a Good Investment?

Turkish towels are incredibly practical for their beauty as well as their absorbency, ability to dry quickly, and versatility. Those things alone make them a great investment. Yet, what really wins enthusiasts over is the fact that these towels get better with every use and every wash.

The exceptional quality of the organic cotton combined with unparalleled Turkish weaving techniques means that these towels don’t shrink. They don’t become stiff and they require little to no special care. While they shouldn’t be dried in a dryer, they air-dry so quickly (usually in less than half an hour!) that you won’t even notice.

What Designs Are Available?

There really is no limit to the gorgeous Turkish bath towel designs available. Bright colours, sedate colours, solid colours, and simple stripes are just a few of the options. There are also intricate designer towels with incredibly detailed designs and whimsical designs such as pineapples.

There are even stonewash-finished and tie-dyed or batik towels! There’s a Turkish-woven towel for everyone. And each and every lovely example of meticulous design and skilled weaving features a delicate fringe that complements the towel’s beauty.

Are These the Towels for You?

Of course they are! Whether your style is flamboyant or understated, there’s a Turkish towel to fit your personality. And who wouldn’t want a towel that’s lighter, more stylish, and more practical than a traditional towel? Find the Turkish towel that you want today, visit https://loopystowels.com.au/

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