Top Tips for Using and Caring for Your Turkish Towel

Top Tips for Using and Caring for Your Turkish Towel

Also called Fouta, Hammam, or Peshtemal towels, Turkish towels are manufactured from Turkish cotton, a premium type of fabric that features extra-long fibres. When longer fibres are used, the material has fewer joists, which results in smoother and stronger threads. The cotton, which is grown in the Aegean Region, becomes fluffier, softer, and more absorbent with each washing.

Towels Have Various Uses

When they were produced in Turkey, the towels were traditionally woven by hand on looms. Because they are quick-drying and absorbent, they can easily be rolled up making them the perfect towel to take to the beach or pool. The towels can also be used as a head wrap and even a blanket on a plane. You can also use the towel on a couch as a throw and if you have back pain, use the towel for lumbar support when seated.

Towels Do Not Bleed

Whilst you can find some Turkish towels in Sydney made from bamboo, most premium towels are produced in the classic fashion and are made of 100% premium Turkish cotton. They are also colour-safe, which makes laundering and care much less worrisome. Because of their colour-fastness, even the brightest of towels will not bleed.

Some Essential Tips for Care

In order to assure the best care for Turkish beach towels, you need to wash the towels in cold water. Never tumble dry the towels in the dryer as it will cause their knotted tassels to tangle and the heat may cause damage to the cotton. Instead, hang the towels to dry before ironing them with a warm iron. As an additional tip, in the wash cycle, never add bleach or similarly harsh chemicals.

You also never want to dry clean the towels or use fabric softeners. Again, the towels will get softer after each washing so the addition of a fabric softener is not necessary. Towels are made without pesticides, synthetic dyes, or chemicals in their manufacture. And remember! With each wash, expect this type of towel to improve over time.

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