How to Amp up Your Spa Style Quotient with Designer Towels

How to Amp up Your Spa Style Quotient with Designer Towels

Taking a lavish break from demanding lives with a tranquil day at the spa is a popular trend. However, heading to the spa or sauna is more than just unwinding as it is the perfect opportunity to make a grand style statement. If you’re looking for a chic fabric that will help you flaunt your style at the spa, then pick out some Hammam in Pink Lemonade or Orange hues.

They are your soft Turkish towels with an abundance of uses. Take a look at ways to amp up your style quotient when you head to the sauna with these designer beauties.

– People with fragile skin who are prone to allergies and break outs can still opt for a designer washcloth. You can say goodbye to the plain, boring flannel and use Turkish towels made with a chemical-free blend. The fabric is 100% organic cotton making it ideal for people who have sensitive skin.

– Even if synthetic blends catch your fancy, you must opt for designer loopy towels woven in Turkey and designed in Australia. With available colours like navy, lemon, turquoise, mint and Rainbow Towels the sky is the limit to your choice and you can bring home a towel to complement every spa outfit.

– If you’re looking to wear one as a scarf or a sarong; it would be best to browse through the best-selling types online so you can match up with your swimwear. You can choose between candy striped ones, rainbow stripe, designer or even the original Loopys Turkish towels.

– Incredibly light, the organic cotton is the kind that will dry in a flash making it idyllic for your day at the spa.

In case you wish to embrace colour and experiment with modern styles in your spa wear and washcloths, then rainbow towels certainly fit the bill. Your premium quality towel with dainty white hand roped tassels will make you the talk of the town!

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