Here’s Why Turkish Towels Are The Best

Why Turkish Towels Are The Best

Until they’ve owned a Turkish towel, our customers have always believed that even the best towels become stiff and scratchy over time – a bit like rubbing an old bark! They do not know, however, that this is because of the quality of the cotton used and the type of weave used. Here are some of the other things you probably did not know about Turkish towels.

1. Turkish Towels Are Made From Good Quality Cotton:

Like I said earlier, good quality Turkish towels are made from 100% Turkish towels. Unlike cotton grown in other regions of the world, Turkish cotton has long fibres, making them more absorbent and durable over time. They also become smoother over time. Also, other towels are made with tightly bound cut threads – although they do give a luxuriant feel, the towel does not absorb water. Rather, it pushes water along the skin. On the other hand, Turkish towels are woven with loose loops so that air moves freely and the towel not only absorbs well but also dries quickly.

2. Turkish Towels Are Zero Maintenance:

Unlike other towels, you don’t have to use fabric softeners or special soap to wash a Turkish towel. In fact, we recommend otherwise! Your Turkish towel can be machine-washed and does not need fabric softener because they clog the fibres – the build up eventually catches up and the towel does not dry effectively. If you’ve been using fabric softeners, soak them in hot water mixed with vinegar. You could also use wool dryer balls to reduce static. You can wash Turkish towels just like any other cloth – hand or machine wash in cold water. Also, you don’t have to wash it before use.

3. Turkish Towels Are Hypoallergenic:

The problem with normal cotton towels is the amount of dye and chemicals used in the cotton. This isn’t the case with Turkish towels. For example, our range of Turkish towels is made from premium quality Turkish cotton that does not include chemicals, synthetic dyes, or pesticides. Since they dry quickly, you don’t have to worry about moulds as well.

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