Everything You Need To Know About Turkish Towels

Need To Know About Turkish Towels

Turkish towels are a hot new trend on the internet, with people posting Instagram stories about their style and versatility. Read on if you’re planning to buy one and looking for information about these incredible towels.

What Is A Turkish Towel?

Turkish towels or peshtemels have been used for over 200 years in hammams by the Ottomans. They are made using 100% organic Turkish cotton, using a special weaving technique that makes them super absorbent and long-lasting.

The History Of Turkish Towels

As earlier said, Turkish royals first introduced Turkish towels in the 17th century to be used in bathhouses. They were even given gifts to newlywed couples as part of their wedding bath kit. While earlier, the towels incorporated a single design, the royals introduced special weaving techniques used by carpet weavers to form a double loop.

Benefits Of Using Turkish Towels

Turkish cotton is famed for long fibres that can be tightly woven, making Turkish towels thin and incredibly lightweight. In fact, a Turkish towel weighs less than 300 grams. Their lightweight makes them ideal for exercising as they can fit into the smallest gym bag. They don’t occupy much space in your suitcase, making them suitable for travel.

It is a common myth that fluffier towels are more absorbent, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Their long fibres make these towels super absorbent, wicking away moisture easily and quickly.

Another reason for using Turkish towels is that they dry quickly, making them ideal for the beach. But the biggest benefit of using these towels is that they come in colourful designs and can be used for home décor as accent pieces on lounge chairs.

Turkish towels are skin friendly and eco-friendly as well. Loopys Turkish towels are made using 100% organic Turkish cotton without synthetic dyes, pesticides, or other chemicals. This makes them ideal for children and people with skin allergies. You don’t have to hand wash the towels – you can wash them in the washing machine regularly. Since they come prewashed, you don’t have to wash them before using the towels for the first time.

However, we recommend buyers avoid using fabric softeners as the silicone in these fabric softeners makes them hard and rough. Turkish towels are long-lasting and durable. You can even gift them for weddings to couples.

Common Things To Remember When Using Turkish Towels 

Before using Turkish towels for the first time, remember to soak them in cold water to improve absorbency. This is not a must, but it helps improve absorbency. The best thing about these towels is that they become softer over age, like fine wine. If the threads look unravelled, cut off the thread, as the double loop makes it difficult to damage.

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