Best feedback on our Turkish Towels

Best feedback on our Turkish Towels

It is not possible to share all customer stories and experiences when they purchase a Turkish Towel from us but we had to share this with you all as it shows firsthand the benefits of Turkish Towels most of us would never have thought of.

“I am writing to let you know the towel is magnificent.

The story of the towel to date.

Packaging arrived in good order.

Towel washed and put on line to dry and that was a speedy less than hour issue (weather the other day helped!)

Today towel was used after shower and was marvelous for many reasons but main reason is a few years ago one had a little accident and dislocated her shoulder and a few other injuries helping a friend out whilst we were on holidays! Since that day ones shoulder has been somewhat stuffed and slightly frozen. Your loopys towel enables movement of the shoulder and arm as the towel weight is so light the shoulder is not put under pain and stress in the drying process…

Towel used and put on rack to dry and strangely it was dry in minutes (again maybe due to the weather outside and heat inside the house!)

So if you are looking for another marketing angle for this towel use great for arm/shoulder or back injuries light and manageable and assists with pain free drying.

Before my mum passed away she was using a hand towel to dry off with after her shower as she had so little strength and managing a walking frame and shower etc was hard. If she had this turkish towel she would have stayed warm and got dry at the same time… It would have been brilliant.

Ok I just thought you would like some feedback… but I really love your towels… and to be honest I did not think I would cope with something so thin but it is brilliant, changes my mind set on what we should use for a shower…. It is practical, functional looks fun and bright and less stressful on injuries. Thank you again.”

As you can now see Loopys are not just turkish beach towels but can be used in the bathroom, after showering, as a sarong or throw on the couch, they are the most practical and versatile item you will ever own.

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