Advantages of Trendy Yet Soft Cotton Turkish Towels

Advantages of Trendy Yet Soft Cotton Turkish Towels

When it comes to skin care, you must not only be mindful about the products you apply, but also the kind of towel you use for cleansing your skin. The soft fabric and durable blend of Turkish towels will make you want to have them replace your usual face cloth, flannel or even your regular bath or beach towel. Read on to find out the lucrative advantages of these towels.

1. If you’re taking your kids to the beach for a day of fun, opting for round beach towels that are crafted from 100% natural cotton is an option as well as the traditional shaped Turkish Towels. The soft luxurious cotton is perfect for your child’s soft skin and it goes easy on fragile skin without inflicting any damage at all.

2. When using synthetic blends, too many washes could cause roughness and cloth balls. However, using cotton ensures that the Towel is very durable. The best part is that increasing the number of washes only makes the Towel softer.

3. Even though they are available in large sizes such as 180cm x 100cm, they are compact and can be easily stored in your beach bag.

4. A teenage beach holiday is incomplete without light weight Turkish round beach towels. Their quick dry function is especially useful as they can be reused in a short period of time.

5. Since Turkish Towels are highly absorbent, they are the perfect alternatives to flannel cloths, velour and even better than your synthetic fabrics.

6. There is no better way to style up your beach day than wearing a looped and loomed towel as a sarong. It is the perfect beach wrap that you can sport in a number of colours and designs and don’t forget they come with hand knotted tassels.

In case you have skin issues and allergies, the simple cotton Turkish towel is perfect for daily use, keeping you soft and dry with ease.

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