4 Tips To Help Children Manage Allergies

Tips To Help Children Manage Allergies

Isn’t childhood all about being curious and exploring the world around you? Children are meant to be running around and playing outside. But the outdoors can also be a cause of concern for parents of children with allergies – something as simple as playing with a cat could leave them sneezing or puffy eyed. If your child is prone to allergies, here are a few things to help them:

Talk To Them

Clear communication can help your child understand the problem and know how to stay safe. If your child has food allergies, explain to them how certain foods can make them sick – explain to them about safe and unsafe foods. Show them what unsafe foods look like and remind them not to accept food offered by anybody who does not know about their allergies. Also, explain to them about the immediate things that they need to do after an allergic reaction.

Understand What Causes Allergies

Airborne allergies are the most common of all. They could either be due to dust mites, pollen, mould, pet, or even cockroaches. Each of these has to be managed differently. For example, if your child is allergic to dust mites, keep him/her away from triggers like humidity, pets, etc. And if the child is allergic to mould, keep him/her away from damp places. Turkish towels are perfect for such children. These towels do not trap moisture and dry quickly; also, the double weave pattern traps fewer allergens. Our range of Turkish towels is made from 100% natural Turkish cotton and free from synthetic chemicals and dyes.

Plan Things In advance

You can prevent a flare-up by planning things. For example, plan vacations when there’s less likelihood of allergy triggers. If your child cannot go to a summer camp, how about a surf camp or an art camp! If your child cannot visit friends with pets for a sleepover, how about inviting them over to your place?

How do you help your child manage his/her allergies? Share your stories with us!

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