3 Turkish Towels to Get You Noticed at the Beach

Turkish Towels to Get You Noticed at the Beach

No one is ready to head to the beach without the essentials: sunscreen or tanning oil, a good pair of sunglasses, and an amazing towel. However, not all these things are easy to get hold of. You probably find yourself reaching into the closet for a towel, getting to the beach to spread out, and boom, the towel is too rough. Or perhaps the towel isn’t all that flattering or doesn’t match your carefully selected swimsuit. Or maybe the towel isn’t personalised in any way. It is just a plain ordinary towel.

But what if you could elevate your beach experience with a better towel? Did you know that amazing Turkish towels are available in Australia and just a few online clicks away from being with you at the beach? Australia has some of the best online towel stores, geared specifically toward comfortable, beautiful designs to provide you with the greatest beach experience. Though you can go to a department store and buy a towel, online shops offer better quality, variety, and are overall cheaper. Cheap Turkish towels? Check. Super light-weight and dry in a flash? Check. 100% organic cotton? Check! Three unique designs? Well, let’s check them out and see.

Designer Towels

Besides the original and simple candy-striped Turkish towels, you should be on the lookout for Turkish designer towels. These towels look fabulous in nature, with their premium quality and intricate designs. Such towels are pretty exclusive, so the best way to find them is at a specialised online retailer. Loopys stock a fantastic range of these designer towels so have look on the site to see which one appeals to you the most.

Stonewash Towels

Do you have a knack for both vintage and luxury quality? Then you should be aiming for a stonewashed Turkish towel. These towels are the superior choice not for only the beach, but also for displaying in your home.

Tie Dye

Add a little bit of hippie/moon child fun to your beach trip with a tie-dyed Turkish towel! These towels are lightweight like the others, but also really beautiful. You can’t go wrong with this towel. It is the perfect accessory for your beach trip.

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