3 Questions You May Have About Your Turkish Towels

Questions bout Turkish Towels

Finding high-quality towels can be a challenge. An average buyer has plenty of options, from terry towels to bamboo towels. But if you’re looking for towels that last long and are versatile, consider buying Turkish towels. Here are a few things you must know before investing in one:

Why Is Turkish Cotton The Best?

Cotton needs plenty of heat, water, and sunshine. Turkey offers the ideal environment for cotton to thrive. Turkish cotton is loved for its long fibres and fewer joints. Long fibre ensures fewer joins, resulting in firmer and smoother cotton threads. You don’t have to worry about flyaway strands or piling. Towels made using Turkish cotton are super absorbent, but unlike Egyptian cotton, they dry quickly.

Why Should You Choose Organic Turkish Towels?

Organic cotton is sustainable and skin-friendly as well. They are grown without synthetic chemicals or pesticides, and other toxic chemicals. Compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton uses 62% less energy, 92% less water and causes 62% less greenhouse gas emissions. By using Turkish towels made using organic cotton, you will also be doing your part to the environment – thanks to organic farming practices, you don’t have to worry about carbon footprint or climate change.

Why Are Turkish Towels A Better Option?

Turkish towels are made using cotton with extra-long fibres, requiring fewer joins. This results in smoother, softer, and better at absorbing water. They dry quickly and do not hold sand, making them ideal as beach towels. But the best thing about these towels is that they’re versatile. At Loopys, we sell a range of designer towels that can be wrapped as a sarong, worn as a scarf, or even used for home décor. Since they absorb moisture well, you can use them as gym towels. Organic Turkish towels made without synthetic chemicals and dyes are perfect for kids and people with sensitive skin.

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