4 Different Types Of Towels You Must Know

Different Types Of Towels

There are different types of towels made for different uses and occasions. After a pampering spa session, you need a towel that feels soft on the skin and pampers it even more. After a busy workout at the gym, you need a towel that can mop up all the sweat. But when you’re traveling, you need something lightweight and easy to pack. If you’re looking for a towel that’s right for the purpose, here are a few different types to suit you:

1. Bath Towels:

Bath towels are slightly smaller than bath sheets and ideally made from lightweight Egyptian or Turkish cotton. The standard size of a bath towel is 27×52” and can be used for everyone, including children. Bath towels are super absorbent but take longer to dry.

 2. Hand Towels:

As the name suggests, hand towels are useful for drying hands after washing and kept beside a sink. You’ll also find them folded or draped by the sink or hanging from a towel ring. The standard size for hand towels is around 16×18” wide, i.e., slightly smaller than hand towels. They are used to pat your face after washing or after a workout session at a gym. They are also popularly used in kitchens and at salons and spas.

3. Beach Towels:

Beach towels are longer and larger than bath towels – the standard size of beach towels is 30×70”. They also differ in terms of appearance. For instance, beach towels are brightly coloured with floral and other attractive designs. On the other hand, bath towels are found in solid bold colours or simple patterns. Unlike other towels, beach towels are thinner and designed to dry quickly in the sun.

If you’d like a one-size-fits-all towel, I suggest buying Turkish towels. They’re made using 100% organic Turkish cotton and a perfect towel for several reasons. For one, Turkish cotton has long fibres, meaning fewer joins when loomed. This gives you a softer and finer feel. And the best thing is that, unlike terry towels that become scratchy over time, Turkish towels become softer over use. They’re lightweight and dry quickly. And they’re easy to pack as well, making them an ideal substitute for cheap beach towels.

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